We may not be able to change the world but
we can change the state of our mind…”

Submerge yourself in the warm hospitality of the East.
THAI ROOM SPA welcomes you and invites you to
enjoy a unique experience, a journey in pursuit of beauty,
health and peace, promoting a profound sense of

The services provided by THAI ROOM SPA are based
on respect for the traditions of Asia, and the search for
essence, purity and authenticity in their presentation.

Our menu has its roots in the best of Universal Asia and
we offer our customers an impressive range of massages,
body scrubs, wraps, traditional combinations and
own brands, all inspired by Thai tradition, the Indonesian
Jamu, Ayurveda, and Indian Yoga.

The limits of the imagination, fantasy, and the degree
of customisation will be abolished with our Menu “On
Demand” or “a la Carte”, through which customers can
design their own complete SPA session.

Our extraordinary technical quality, freshness, kindness,
spontaneity and proverbial spirit of service will mark a
turning point in your spa experience that will reach unparalleled
levels of sophistication.

The exclusive atmosphere and the design of the treatment
areas are exclusively aimed at facilitating the magical
experience of THAI ROOM SPA. The aromas to
be inhaled or soaked into the skin, the setting, the lighting,
the sound of gentle Thai music or the Tibetan flute,
the burst of Siamese silks, the Burmese lacquers and
Chinese antiques will transport you, paradoxically, to
that state of mind, fraught with innocence, in which the
senses are replaced, giving access to this new and subtle
vision typical of calm and peaceful minds.

THAI ROOM SPA is member of ISPA (International Spa Association) and Extraordinay Member of Thai Spa Association.