Traditional Thai Massage Royal Style

The legendary traditional Thai massage, in its palatial style, and with emphasis on acupressure, working each individual point of the energy map of the body. This draws creatively on the “sen lines”. Dry massage, without oils, of medium to intense...

Thai Yoga Massage

The perfect prelude to a session of meditation or yoga practice. The asana movements of yoga are passively reproduced in this ancient massage originating in pre-Hindu temples and brought to Southeast Asia by one of Buddha’s physicians. Dry massage, of medium pressure,...

Kuta Massage

Full body oil massage. Pressure médium to intense. Inspired in the indonesian traditions and the récipes of the javanese palaces.

Javanese Massage

Massage of medium-intense pressure applied to the whole body with oils. This massage has its roots in the traditions of Indonesia and in the Javanese palaces.

Sattva Massage

Of Indian origin. This is an evocaion of ayurvedics massages. Its a delicious treatment in which light pressure is applied to the whole body using warm or hot oils.